Please read through our Return Policy on this page to understand our return procedures and make sure your item is eligible for return...

.You will have 7 days after an item is delivered  to notify us that you want to return the item. This means if your item was delivered e.g. on the 5th of the month, you have till the 12th to initiate a return. If the item you wish to return meets the criteria mentioned below, your return can be initiated by calling our helpline  which is available 24/7 .Returning an item is simple, just follow the steps mentioned below:

• Check if your product meets all requirements

• Call itsbaba  helpline or email us and request a return

Fill out the return form

• Pack items and attach the return label

• Arrange product pick up or drop off

• Your returned item will be Quality Checked .If validated and Quality Check passes, you will be refunded for the item

If you receive a product that is not what we have described in our catalog (replica, specs and image)  you are not bound to keep that product, we will return your money. Please inform us within 24 hours of receiving the product. email us at .. call or whats app  us +092-3464006862